Drag Queens and Bulls Don’t Mix, and This Video Proves It

Drag Queens and Bulls Don’t Mix, and This Video Proves It

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We’d like to think this cadmium yellow-clad drag queen knew what she was in for when she walked into the ring, clomped through the dirt and stepped aboard a makeshift wooden stage, but we aren’t so sure!

As far as we can tell, the below video was posted by Toros Teletica, a bulls-centric (yes, seriously) faction of the Costa Rican news outlet Teletica. What you’re watching is most likely a performance by a local queen as part of a (gay?) rodeo, and during her performance a 440-pound bull named “La Mirella” is unleashed. And she’s pissed.

The majority of posts by Toros Teletica center on bull runs, bull roping and bulls’ (seemingly normal) run-ins with ill-prepared humans, with this one being a particular highlight.

For what it’s worth, this fabulous queen appears to be unscathed by her scary run-in with the bovine.

Watch the video below.

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