These 3 ‘Drag Race All Stars’ Conspiracy Theories Have Us Gagged and Glued to the TV

These 3 ‘Drag Race All Stars’ Conspiracy Theories Have Us Gagged and Glued to the TV

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We’ve been living for this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3. Between the drama filled elimination of Milk to the absolute pitch perfect performances being served by BenDeLaCreme, the season is truly magnificent in more ways than one. Fans have been posting all types of Drag Race All Stars conspiracy theories and predictions online.

We round-up two of the most gag-worthy ones we’ve heard, and then one we came up with on our own.


Here are three Drag Race All Stars conspiracy theories:

1. Bebe is a mole.

Even casual Drag Race fans have probably heard the hottest All Stars season three theory: Bebe Zahara Benet is a mole. What started as a Facebook comment from superfan Chris White has blown up into a conspiracy that has fans speculating a Handmaid’s Tale-inspired twist.

White wrote:

Bebe is going to coast by never landing in the bottom 2 or winning a challenge; she will always be safe.  When the finale comes, Bebe will be announced as the mole and helps Ru decide which queen will be come the winner.  By doing this, it allows Bebe to showcase her talent to new fans every episode without her winning a single thing from lip syncs and the grand prize since she already won. This also allows Mama Ru to do an All Stars season of just winners only in the future. You’re welcome.


2. There’s going to be a lip sync-off.

Rumors have been circulating regarding a prediction that the eliminated queens and the queens still in the competition will battle it out for a spot in an old fashion lip sync-off.

And Aja did just spill the tea, basically confirming this may be true. She told Gay Times: “I’m gonna say this. There’s a few gags, and I think it’s something Drag Race has never seen before. Similar to the finale in season 9, queens lip sync for the crown.”


3. RuPaul won’t be picking the winner

This one we came up with on our own. Drag Race producers are currently suing an anonymous Reddit user for posting spoilers. In their lawsuit, they published the names of the episodes for this entire season.

The season finale — scheduled to air on March 15, is titled “A Jury of their Queers.” This makes us think that either past winners (like Alaska and Chad Michaels) or this season’s group of All Stars will be the ones with the tough decision of picking the winner — Big Brother and Survivor style.

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