This Talented Artist Makes Barbie Dolls Into Your Favorite ‘Drag Race’ Queens

This Talented Artist Makes Barbie Dolls Into Your Favorite ‘Drag Race’ Queens

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Dolls and Drag Race — is there any better combination? Just ask Lil’ Poundcake. Or, if you’d prefer to ask an actual human being, try Mark Jonathan. Over the last year, artist and doll collector has been making Drag Race Barbie dolls. And they’re amazing.

Appropriately enough, one of his first “RuPaints” was Trixie Mattel.

Though Jonathan is adept at repainting and restoring dolls — his YouTube channel is proof of that — his RuPaints are particularly fun. And the queens agree. When Jonathan did Naomi Smalls, she crowed on Instagram about how great his work was:

Jonathan works with his mother on the dolls. He tells Buzzfeed News that while his mother’s always loved drag queens, working on the dolls has turned her into a big Drag Race fan. For example, on the Naomi Smalls doll, his mom helped with the plastic dress.

In his daily life, Jonathan is a graphic designer. Totally makes sense, right? It’ll make even more when you see the box he mocked up for the Trixie doll:

Jonathan’s most recent video is a Barbie repaint made to look like Violet Chachki in her Hello Kitty challenge outfit:

While that one came out four months ago, rest assured that Jonathan’s not stopping. He recently posted an image of the next batch:

And, he also announced that he’s working on a whole series of Valentina dolls — because of course he is. Here’s one of the completed ones:

If you read the caption, that’s the second version of Valentina. His first Valentina looked like:

And, for all you out there who can’t stand Valentina and wanted to see her head on a pike, well, enjoy!

Finally, if you’re curious as to what Jonathan’s art looks like when it’s not on a doll, he’s posted a few drawings as well.