‘Drag Race’ Fans Have Hatched a New Conspiracy Theory About This Week’s Episode

‘Drag Race’ Fans Have Hatched a New Conspiracy Theory About This Week’s Episode

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RuPaul’s look on last night’s episode of Drag Race left the children gagging. The Leigh Bowery-inspired ensemble was one of the best we’ve ever seen from her. But many people have been quick to point out they don’t think it was actually her! Now, this Drag Race conspiracy theory is the real gag.

“Conspiracy theory: THERE IS NO WAY THAT IS RUPAUL. Bitch has been sick the last two episodes and put a tall ass production assistant in a mask,” wrote Bev, a Philadelphia-based queen.

Many people were quick to agree in the comments. One person pointed out, “‘Ru’ turned to Michelle Visage so carefree during the lip-sync, I had a feeling it wasn’t her because she never turns all the way in drag.”

Another added, “I said the same thing when she was dancing in her seat!”

Many Drag Race fans on Twitter also chimed in on the matter, agreeing that that person on the runway was not RuPaul.

Chris Fandango wrote: “I’m sorry but you cannot pay me ANY amount of money to believe that RuPaul was on the judge’s panel this week. After how much she was croaking last week, she was recuperating in bed and it was probably (Season 7 competitor) Tempest DuJour under that visor.”

Ru was visibly sick on last week’s episode. And while she did seem better on this week’s, she still seemed a bit drained at the top of the episode. Could fans be right? (No, sorry!)

Getting in drag for Mother Ru is a lot of work, and probably a super-exhausting process. We’d be totally OK if she sent a doppelgänger in on her behalf, but we’re super curious as to who she would have sent!

What do you think of this Drag Race conspiracy theory? Sound off in the comments below and on Facebook.

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