This ‘Drag Race’ Fan Just Met Her First Ru-Girl, and the Story Is Completely Adorable

This ‘Drag Race’ Fan Just Met Her First Ru-Girl, and the Story Is Completely Adorable

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A celebrity sighting is always an exciting occurrence. But can you imagine how cool it would be if you spotted a celebrity — and they’re actually on your t-shirt when you see them? And you didn’t clock them, but they clocked you? Well, that’s what happened to one RuPaul’s Drag Race fan, and luckily for us she posted the adorable story on Facebook.

Jamie Tamondong lives in San Francisco. While bopping around Friday afternoon, someone tapped her on the shoulder to tell her they liked her shirt, which featured RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season 2 winner Alaska Thunderfuck. Tamondong looked up and much to her satisfaction, she realized the person who was complimenting her was Alaska herself!

Tamondong wrote in a Drag Race Facebook fan group:

“Today, I wore my Alaska shirt and somebody came up to me and said “Hey, I like your shirt.” Lo and behold, it was the queen herself. It was my first time meeting a drag queen and she was super nice!

The fact that Alaska is the one to clock herself makes the story real sweet. What makes it even cuter is that this was Tamondong’s first time ever meeting a drag queen! Now that is a meet-and greet she will never forget.

Tamondong exclusively told us: “It was really surprising and it made me feel really happy. It just made my day. I’ve heard stories of queens being really mean to their fans but this made me not believe those rumors. She was really sweet and even said goodbye to me when she left.”

Alaska and Jamie

“It made me appreciate and love her even more because I didn’t even notice she was there. She was just eating lunch and took time out of that to personally come and talk to me.”

Fans blew up the comments on her post with lots of love, and in just one hour her post had more than 1,000 likes.

One fan said: “Alaska is just so good at being a celebrity queen. She has fully embraced it and she obviously loves her work… She has a new track out every other month with another queen it seems like, and she’s still so dang enthusiastic with her fans. She has so much fun with it.”

Another added: “That is absolutely adorable! What a lovely story and sweet reaction from Alaska… knowing you’re a fan and that it would completely make your day. So sweet.”

Tamondong shared the shirt — available at Hot Topic and online at — that she was wearing when she had the special run-in.

Jamie’s shirt

To all Drag Race fans: where your favorite queen’s merch! It could be the easiest way to get your own personal one-on-one meet-and-greet that you’re bound to never forget.


How cute is this Drag Race fan’s story? Share your best stories of meeting celebrities in the comments!

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