If ‘Drag Race’ Queens Can Talk Shit About Each Other, Shouldn’t Their Fans Be Able to Do the Same?

If ‘Drag Race’ Queens Can Talk Shit About Each Other, Shouldn’t Their Fans Be Able to Do the Same?

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One of the most contentious themes from Season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race was fan interaction, and the idea that Drag Race fans can get pretty vicious on social media. It was especially evident from the vitriol that many Valentina fans spewed on the accounts of other queens, including Nina Bo’Nina Brown and Peppermint.

Now we find ourselves only one episode deep into Drag Race All Stars 3, and already queens have had to police their own fans to play nice on social media.

But if the All Stars contestants are going to plead with their fans to be model citizens, how important is it that they lead by example?

Milk took to Twitter today asking her fans to spread nothing but love online.

She wrote, “howdy #teammilk! let’s make a pact to end online nastiness and hate against queens on #AllStars3 and people in general, who’s with me? just because it may be your opinion that you are sharing doesn’t mean it’s any less hurtful. join me! raise your hand if you’re in! ??‍♂️”

Now, is just it us, or was Milk extra sour herself on last night’s episode?

She seemed particularly comfortable in that interview chair, calling out a few queens, like BenDaLaCreme, for being fake and phony. In another moment of last night’s episode, she called one of the queens “Grandmom,” alluding to Bebe Zahara Bonet’s age.

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We surely don’t support any online negativity, but shouldn’t these queens — particularly the “All Stars” who know how the game plays out — practice what they preach? If they’re OK with being a bitch for the cameras, what keeps their adoring fans from being bitches, too, on social media?

We feel it’s a question that’s worth asking, though we don’t necessarily have the answer.

Is a queen hypocritical for imploring her fans to “play nice” when she’s also spouting shady bon mots on-camera? Or, knowing that “reading is fundamental” when it comes to drag, is it all just part of the game?

When Ru says, “Everybody say LOVE,” the key word here is everybody. Sure, it’s not so entertaining if these queens were to go total Oprah all the time, but if they really want Drag Race fans to “end online nastiness,” maybe they should start with themselves.

Now, can I get an amen up in here?

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