This Artist Morphed the Faces and Bodies of ‘Drag Race’ Queens, and the Final Result Is Hilarious

This Artist Morphed the Faces and Bodies of ‘Drag Race’ Queens, and the Final Result Is Hilarious

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This person on the internet just morphed different queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race into each otherand the final resulting group of Drag Race memes have us dead.

The fan account @SheAlreadyDonHadHerses has been posting all types of quippy Drag Race content. Memes, gossip, trivia — the account is pretty funny. You can tell whoever runs it loves Drag Race and knows a lot about the series.

One of the memes the creator makes is they’ll take the mug of Trixie Mattel, and put it on the faces of the other queens out of drag. That’s cute, but nothing beats the account’s recent creations featuring different queens morphed into each other.

At first, you really don’t know who you’re looking at, as some of these Ru-girl morphs are so good they really do look like a whole new person. But if you look closely, you begin to realize what queen’s face is paired with what other queen’s body.

The captions for the snaps don’t leave too much to the imagination, as they are usually just the two names of the queens combined to make a new one.

Drag Race fans are obsessed with the creations. A fan group shared a few of the images on Tuesday, and already the post has more than 2,500 shares as of press time.

One person wrote, “This is going to give me nightmares ,” while another fan added, “Wrong on so many levels — but SHELARIOUS!”

Take a look at these hilarious 13 Drag Race memes:


DAX + Violet Chachki = Violet Exclamationpoint

Darienne Lake + Robbie Turner = Darbbie Turnter-Lake

Jasmine Masters + Bianca Del Rio = Jasmine Del Rio

Adore Delano + Bianca Del Rio = Bianca Delano Rio

Bob The Drag Queen + Thorgy Thor = Bobby Thor

Eureka O’Hara + Milk = Big and Milky

Shea Coulee + Latrice Royale = Latrice Coulee

Shangela + Bianca Del Rio = Shangela Del Rio

Roxxxy Andrews + Trixie Mattel = Roxxxy Mattel

Jasmine Masters + Pearl = Pearl Masters

Tyra Sanchez + Mystique Madison Summers = Tyra Madison Summers-Sanchez

Serena ChaCha + Coco Montrese = Coco ChaCha

Ginger Minj + Trixie Mattel = Ginger Mattel

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