‘Drag Race’ Pit Crew: Let’s Take a Moment to Gawk at These 12 Sexy Men

‘Drag Race’ Pit Crew: Let’s Take a Moment to Gawk at These 12 Sexy Men

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While we love watching the queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race turn it out every week on the runway, we wanted to give some love to the unsung, well-hung heroes of the show — the Pit Crew!

Below we recount all 12 Pit Crew members featured on the nine seasons of Drag Race, along with notes on what makes each one so scrumptious.

1. Keon Hunt (Season 1)

Kenyon is a model and actor who first appeared in the show’s very first mini-challenge, helping dump water on each contestant as they posed for a car wash-themed photo shoot.

2. Kenyon Glover (Season 1)

Glover is from Monroe, Louisiana, has two younger brothers and reportedly has black belts in several martial arts, including karate, Tae Kwon Do and kickboxing. He also appeared with Hunt (above) in the music video for RuPaul’s “Cover Girl (Put the Bass In Your Walk).”

And here’s Nina Flowers enjoying some time with Glover and Hunt in the video:

3. Preston Taylor (Season 1)

We don’t know much about Taylor beyond his being one of the shirtless helpers of Drag Race Season 1. It’s also interesting to note that all of RuPaul’s Season 1 helpers were black men — something we don’t often see in gay programming, which all too often skews white.

4. Max “The Body” Philisaire (Season 2)

Ciao Bella. I love you like a kid loves candy.

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Philisaire is a male model and bodybuilder who served in the military and, after leaving Drag Race, built himself a career as an online personal trainer — and built one massively impressive musculature!

5. Emmanuel Palmer (Season 2)

Palmer first appeared alongside Philisaire in Season 2, Episode 1, posing next to a cannon alongside the drag contestants for a Gone with the Wind-themed photo shoot.

6. Jason Carter (Seasons 3 – 9)

Carter was chosen as a Pit Crew member in a Season 3 casting special segment where he danced and stripped down for his audition. He’s been on the show ever since. He also works as a men’s fashion expert and acts as an occasional correspondent for liberal politics show The Young Turks.

7. Shawn Morales (Seasons 3 – 6)

Morales was the first non-black man ever to be included in the Drag Race Pit Crew. Originally a go-go dancer, since leaving Drag Race Morales has become an event promoter around Los Angeles, hosting a Drag Race screening party every Friday at the city’s Eagle L.A. and a popular underwear night at L.A. watering hole Faultline.

8. Miles Davis Moody (Season 6 – All Stars 2)

Moody is an Andrew Christian underwear model and once hosted parties in West Hollywood. He’s also appeared in a slew of music videos, including the videos for Jonny McGovern’s “Dickmatized,” Wilam Belli’s “Boy Is A Bottom,” Jennifer Hudson’s “Where You At” and RuPaul’s “Peanut Butter” and “Lick It Lollipop.”

9. Simon Sherry-Wood (Season 6)

Lazy Sunday morning….☕️ ? by @marco_ovando for @lovesexomag #MOboys #LoveSexoMag #CalvinKleinunderwear #CK

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Sherry-Wood is a model who appeared on the 2003 season of MTV’s The Real World: Paris and has toured with Madonna. He and Moody would appear alongside Morales and Carter for Drag Race challenges.

10. Bryce Eilenburg (Seasons 7 and 8)

Pre underwear show workout in #indianapolis.

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Eilenburg is a model, an acrobatic gymnast, marathon runner and occasional photographer and vlogger who enjoys traveling around the United States.

11. Yadier Despaigne (Season 9)

Originally from Havana, Cuba, Despaigne now lives in Culver City, California. He was one of the crew members to get a complete drag makeover in Season 9, Episode 10.

12. Jared North (Season 9)

I clean ur pool realll cheap @cheapundies #poolboy

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North is a self-described conversationist and vegan. Carter recently taught North how to “sissy that walk” in nothing more than briefs and heels, though North did quite well on his own. He’s also so yummy that we made a slightly NSFW gallery of him.

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