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This Colorful ‘Drag Race’ Playing Card Deck Is Chock Full of Queens

This Colorful ‘Drag Race’ Playing Card Deck Is Chock Full of Queens

Written by Daniel Villarreal on August 15, 2018
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The competitors of RuPaul’s Drag Race have been redrawn as characters from Pokémon, the Crystal Gems from Steven Universe and even major arcana from the tarot card deck. But the queens have never ever actually been drawn as queens. Or kings, jacks, jokers or any other parts of the playing card deck for that matter, until now.

Designer Roberto Júnior has designed a complete deck of Drag Race playing cards starring queens from Seasons 1 through 9. The cards boast a bright, multicolor style reflecting the vivacious fun and energy radiated by the Drag Race queens themselves.

We can just imagine the shade that players could throw, slamming down their favorite queens in winning hands of War, Bullshit and Egyptian Ratscrew. (Those are all card games, hunnies.)

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Tyra, Sharon, Violet, and Sasha are the Jacks; Bob, Jinkx and Raja are some of the Queens; Alaska, Bianca, Chad and Bebe are the Kings; Tammy Brown appears as the Joker. Naturally, RuPaul appears on each and every Ace — she tops all the other queens, you know?

Sadly, we’ll all probably never actually get our hands on any of the cards. RuPaul’s Drag Race is a licensed trademark; all images of queens from the show are protected by copyright. However, we can always hold out hope that RuPaul and the show’s producers might see Júnior’s cards. A limited release would become a sought-after fan collector’s item for sure!

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These Drag Race playing cards aren’t the first time that RuPaul’s queens have been turned into a children’s toy. Earlier this year, Australian RuPaul’s Drag Race fan Mark Fitzpatrick created ‘RuPaul’s Brick Race’, a LEGO-playset inspired by the popular drag queen reality competition.

The queens were also turned into a homemade version of the children’s game Guess Who called “Guess Ru?


Here are some more of the Drag Race playing cards:

Drag Race playing cards 02


Drag Race playing cards 03


Drag Race playing cards 04



Images via Roberto Júnior  

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