Hornet Asks the Queens of RuPaul’s DragCon L.A., Do You Hookup With Fans?

Hornet Asks the Queens of RuPaul’s DragCon L.A., Do You Hookup With Fans?

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At RuPaul’s DragCon in Los Angeles, we chatted with several queens of Drag Race about dating, sex and gay apps. We also asked them, Do Drag Race queens hookup with fans?

Latrice Royale explained to Hornet the term “Race chasers” to us: “the boys out there that are chasing the queens.” Royale, who also revealed she will be getting married this September, explains the difference he experienced in his dating life before and after the show.

“Well, everybody that I’ve dated was — I was lucky,” he says. “I got those strong, secure men that were kinda special and understood what I did. But since the show, I hadn’t had a relationship in like seven years.”

Royale continues, “And then I started touring, and I met someone on the road who like, you’re a little suspicious of at first because you’re like, ‘What’s your motive?’ You know, you see the show and you think somebody is trying to get to you or get close to you for the wrong reasons. But as it turns out it didn’t work out that way, and I’m getting married now. So like, love is there, love is there, it’s real.”

Alexis Michelle says if he’s speaking with a fan on a dating app, he would rather they be upfront and honest that they know who he is instead of beating around the bush. “Yeah, if they’re upfront about it,” he says. “What I hate is getting through everything, and nudes, and then …. Or, even worse, I went over to a gentleman’s house and ‘dot dot dot’ and then literally, after the ‘finale,’ the first words out his mouth were, ‘Wow, this is so surreal.’ And I was like, ugh.”

Raja explains that when he started drag it was unheard of for queens to date or be lusted after.

“Well, I started drag a long time ago, so we have talk about a different time period,” he tells Hornet. “And in the ’90s it wasn’t really that hot. There was no such thing as, you know, Dusty Ray Bottoms or a fuckin’ Kameron Michaels — drag queens didn’t look like that. We all looked like weird ass daywalkers, people who could barely, you know, buy a hormone. We just all looked weird, all tweezed brows. And now it’s suddenly a hot thing.”

When asked if Raja would ever sleep with a fan, he quickly admits, “My husband started out as a fan.” And Manila Luzon, with whom Raja was sharing her booth over DragCon weekend, agreed that he too is now married to a former fan. “So yes, yes I have fucked fans,” Raja concludes.

Gia Gunn opens up to us about her transition since the show, which she feels has helped her experience a fuller and more authentic dating life.

“Ever since I transitioned from a drag queen to a transgender woman, my dating and sex life has actually been elevated because I’m now living my authentic life and comfortable with the skin I’m in,” she tells us. “So I believe I’m attracting partners that are interested in me for who I am. And I think it’s all about just believing in who you are, being strong and forward about that, and only putting out that energy. ‘Cause you can only attract people that are going to accept you as you are.”

Do Drag Race queens hookup with fans? Watch our exclusive video:

Do you have any Drag Race queens hookup tales to tell? Sound off in the comments.

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