The Vixen and RuPaul Threw Down on Last Night’s Reunion: What the Hell Happened?

The Vixen and RuPaul Threw Down on Last Night’s Reunion: What the Hell Happened?

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On last night’s RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 reunion, The Vixen walked off the set after things got confrontational, and the way he handled herself on the current season became a main topic of discussion.

Before leaving the stage, The Vixen said to RuPaul and the other queens, “OK, so I came here to thank my fans for the love and support they gave me. For all the wonderful people who relate to me, understand me and appreciate me, and now that I have done that, you all can have a good night.” 

After The Vixen left the taping, Asia O’Hara stood up for him, defending him and challenging RuPaul and the other queens to be a better advocate for him. “I don’t agree with everything The Vixen says or does, but I understand where it comes from,” O’Hara said. “I think that The Vixen seems to me like a person who is crying out for help, and everybody else is like, ‘Girl, that’s on you. You have to figure it out.’ That’s just unfortunate to me. I feel like our sole purpose here is to enrich the lives of other people.”

Fighting back tears, O’Hara continued, “It’s just ridiculous. It’s ridiculous that our thought process about people is so self-centered, that if it’s hard to help somebody, well, just let them struggle. We aren’t just drag queens, we are people. And now we’ve got one of our people outside. Here we are filming during Pride season and we let one of our sisters walk out the fucking room because nobody wanted to fucking help her? And we are the first people to say when someone else isn’t treating us right.”

RuPaul wasn’t really having all that, comparing herself to The Vixen and demanding that people who find themselves in situations similar to that of The Vixen be accountable for themselves.

Last night’s Season 10 reunion

Here’s what RuPaul had to say when discussing The Vixen at the Season 10 reunion:

Can you explain to someone who cannot be spoken to? But look at me! Look at me, god damn it. I come from the same god damned place she comes from. And here I am. Do you see me walking out? No, I am not walking out. I fucking learn how to act around people and how to deal with shit.

I’m not fucking walking out and saying fuck all of you all, you know? That is disrespectful to each of you. And I know you feel for her because you see yourself in her, because we all have that same frustration.

Let me tell you something: I have been discriminated against by white people for being black, by black people for being gay, by gay people for being too femme. Did I let that stop me from getting to this chair? No. I had to separate what I feel or what my impression of a situation is to put my focus on the goal.

You can’t just make excuses for bad behavior or for inconsiderate behavior. I invited each of you back here to my house, into my home. And if I’m invited into someone’s home, I am not going to disrupt their home. I’m not going to disrespect the invitation.

You know, the world is hard. It is hard to live on this planet, but we all have to learn how to deal with it, but you gotta ask for help first.

Despite The Vixen telling RuPaul on last night’s Season 10 reunion that he and Eureka O’Hara hadn’t really ‘made up’ since their multiple-episode spat on the show, The Vixen told us something different when Hornet interviewed him following his elimination.

Last month The Vixen told us he was “really good,” saying, “What is great now is that [Eureka and I] have had time to take our distance. We both understand now that we work better professionally by keeping it short and sweet.”

In that one-on-one sit-down The Vixen also echoed what she said during last night’s Season 10 reunion: “What is undeniable is that I never started a fight on the show. During Episode 1, I was simply letting Miz Cracker know that Aquaria was lying to her face. That was not me looking for a fight. I had been talked into believing things about Miz Cracker, and then suddenly none of that is an issue. It was clear during the second episode that Aquaria felt a certain kind of way about me calling her out, and she was poking the bear so to speak. It was not my action as much as it was my reaction.

“As for Eureka, she said outright during Untucked that she wanted to test me because I did not respect her. That is not a good way to get respect from anyone, really. In all of those instances, I was reacting, but I definitely think I got punished more for reacting than they did for initially acting.”

Many conversations on The Vixen and her time on the current season have touched on the issue of race and racism among the Drag Race community, though that topic was never really raised on the Season 10 reunion. But speaking to Hornet about the issue last month, The Vixen said, “I think the Drag Race fandom is a reflection of American culture and a reflection of race relations in the country. Until it gets handled in the country, we are gong to have an uphill battle with the Drag Race fandom, without a doubt.”

Whether you agree or disagree with The Vixen’s relationships with her fellow Season 10 queens — or with the way RuPaul handled last night’s situation — that’s a sentiment that’s hard to disagree with.

What do you think of the Drag Race season 10 reunion?

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