These Memes Combine 2 of Our Favorite Things: ‘Drag Race’ & ‘Twin Peaks’

These Memes Combine 2 of Our Favorite Things: ‘Drag Race’ & ‘Twin Peaks’

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In the pre-summer days of 2017, there are really only two things in life that matter: Drag Race Season 9, which will soon come to a close, and the much-anticipated Season 3 of Twin Peaks, currently airing on Showtime after a 26-year hiatus. So you can imagine how our minds were blown when we discovered that there’s a private Facebook group that seeks to combine the two.

Naturally, the group is called Fire WERK With Me (a reference to the 1992 Twin Peaks prequel film).

You kinda have to be a fan of both television series to really appreciate the memes posted by Fire WERK With Me, but for those of us who are, the gifs and memes you’ll find therein are nothing short of rapturous.

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Ever wanted to see Season 7 and All Stars Season 2 favorite Katya as The Log Lady? That’s here. What about “Josie Caliente,” whose spirit is trapped in a doorknob of the Great Northern Hotel? That’s here, too! Or what about the mother of all memes, RuPaul Palmer?! (Yep, you’ll find that at Fire WERK With Me, too.)

Check out a few of our favorite Drag Race + Twin Peaks memes below:

Wrapped in plastic or nah, Michelle Visage is not having it.

Be sure to follow Fire WERK With Me on Facebook for the ultimate Drag Race + Twin Peaks memes.

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