Watch ‘Drag Race All Stars 3’ at One of These 10 Weekly NYC Viewing Parties

Watch ‘Drag Race All Stars 3’ at One of These 10 Weekly NYC Viewing Parties

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Tonight, RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 begins, and we’re super excited to see some of our favorite queens battle it out for that coveted spot in the Hall of Fame. While VH1 is easier to watch at home than Logo was, there’s something extra-special about joining some gays and queens at Drag Race viewing parties to watch it instead. After all, it’s another excuse to drink and we’re quite all right with that, eh?

Here are our top 10 picks for Drag Race viewing parties in NYC:


10. Industry

Host: Miz Cracker

In the center of Hell’s Kitchen, this is an easy spot catch the show. And if you get bored, you can just go right across the street to Therapy at commercial.


9. Museum of Sex

Hosts: Aquaria and Ruby Fox

For a more chic spot to catch the action, join Aquaria and Ruby Fox and head over to the Museum of Sex. There will also be raffles, performances and dancing after until midnight.


8. Macri Park

Hosts: Alotta McGriddles, Miz Jade, Heidi Glum and Acid Betty

Acid Betty’s sharp tongue will sure have some spit fire reactions you’ll want to hear.


7. Boxers Chelsea

Host: Tina Burner

We’re huge fans of Tina Burner. With no filter and commercial breaks packed with her energy filled medleys, there’s no telling what will happen at the best Drag Race viewing party in Chelsea.


6. Rosemont

Hosts: Merrie Cherry and Tyler Ashley

Rosemont is one of our favorite watering holes in Brooklyn, especially when it’s warm outside. But you’ll never know what will happen at one of their Drag Race viewing parties. Remember that time Bjork casually stopped by to DJ last year? Count us in.


5. Boxers Upper East Side

Host: Brita Filter

2017 may as well been the year of Brita Filter. From joining Katy Perry on stage at SNL to winning a few Glam Awards, she is everywhere right now. She’s also going to be hosting at Boxers newest spot in the Upper East Side, so get her autograph before


4. Therapy

Host: Monet X Change

Hopefully, Monet performs during commercial breaks, as she’s one of the fiercest queens on the scene right now.


3. Boxers Hell’s Kitchen

Host: Marti Gould Cummings

Boxers Hell’s Kitchen has always been one of our favorite sports to park and watch, mostly because they have so many big screens with great sound. But we’re not the only ones who know it’s a great spot to catch the show. So come early to get a seat because this spot is packed week after week.


2. Rise

Host: Phi Phi O’Hara

Everyone knows Phi Phi O’Hara doesn’t hold back her many candid opinions, so we’re sure this will be some of the best commentary New York City has to offer. Also, as alumni of an All Stars season herself, she’ll probably be able to give some great dirt on what happens behind the scenes, too.


1. Metropolitan Bar

Host: Thorgy Thor and Ragamuffin

I mean – what’s better than to watch the show with one of the queens who is actually on the show? Also, Ragamuffin is one of the wittiest queens performing right now with a crass sense of humor that would make Joan Rivers giggle. Just look at the fantastic job she did when she hosted Sherry Vine’s roast.

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