A ‘Drag Race All Stars’ Winners Season Is a Very Real Possibility, Says RuPaul

A ‘Drag Race All Stars’ Winners Season Is a Very Real Possibility, Says RuPaul

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On her podcast, What’s the Tee?, RuPaul said that she would like an upcoming season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars to feature nothing but crowned Drag Race winners from past seasons battling it out.

Michelle Visage, the Drag Race judge who is also co-host of What’s the Tee?, said the competition would be “a fucking cage match to the death,” which is probably the understatement of the year.

The episode of What’s the Tee?, where RuPaul and Visage discussed the idea had Drag Race Season 5 winner Jinkx Monsoon. Together, they began discussing like likely match ups and rivalries that would likely form in a winners’ All Stars.

In the podcast, RuPaul said that the fact that the past winners all know each other would make the stakes so much higher than any previous season of All Stars.

Monsoon replied:

I have this feeling that even though I’m close with all the other winners, we get along great, the reunions come around, we all kiki together, or we all just sit around loving ourselves because (laughing) we’re the winners…

I know we would go into that room, and everything would drop, all the…

Like me and Sharon, best friends, I know we would walk into that room and immediately start going for each other…. I know that she would play mind games with me. And I would just throw the beads, and let her trip on her own.

“And then you’ve got Bob and Bianca, who are long-time friends, who are both comedy people…” Visage said. “And then you have Tyra and BeBe… you can’t be counting any of these motherfuckers out.”

By the end of the discussion, RuPaul said, “It’s true, and I think you guys have sold me. I think that’s what we have to do…. I loved the pitch…. It’s done!”

We don’t know if that means that she’s really going to try and arrange a winners’ All Stars. During the discussion, Monsoon said she didn’t think she’d even participate in such a competition because of its emotional strain.

But we’re curious: would Alaska and Chad Michaels, the winners of the previous All Stars seasons, be included? That would be even extra gag worthy if they were!

If this ever become a reality, we imagine that Drag Race fans will pass out or burst into flames from excitement (us included).

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