Drag Race’s Lucian Piane Has Second Twitter Meltdown, Leaves Us Concerned For Mental Health

Drag Race’s Lucian Piane Has Second Twitter Meltdown, Leaves Us Concerned For Mental Health

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And on his Twitter account it gets much, much worse…


Three weeks ago, we analyzed the Twitter meltdown of RuPaul’s Drag Race musical mentor Lucian Piane wherein he encouraged folks to bathe in bleach, accused the Clintons of being pedophiles, and suggested that the U.S. Civil War wasn’t about slavery. Now he’s on Twitter exposing his “AIDSY hobo dick” to China, telling Jews to get over the Holocaust, and telling White people to start respectfully using the word “nigger”  in solidarity with the Black community. #GoodbyeLucianParty

He also told Justin Timberlake to contact him ASAP. Seriously.

We seriously hope he gets some mental help — we’re sure his other fans and friends are concerned too. The only possible upside to this (if anything) is a reminder of the high rate of mental illness among LGBTQ people, especially queers of color, the poor, and the elderly. Many of us either hide away our mental illnesses or can’t afford to get them treated because mental healthcare in America sucks.

It’s a real issue, and as we said in our first analysis:

“[though Piane sounds like] a super-privileged White gay guy who is increasingly out-of-touch with most people’s reality… he does represent a part of the gay community, whether we like it or not, and we define ourselves by how we treat those most unlike ourselves. There are lots of other LGBTQ people who share his views [whether as bigoted personal beliefs or symptoms of mental illness], and we ignore or laugh them off at our own peril, until the day that our best friends or family members start acting the same way.”

We wonder if RuPaul will release a statement. She has to at this point, right?

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