Drag Race’s Thorgy Thor Plays Violin in Amazon’s ‘Mozart in the Jungle’

Drag Race’s Thorgy Thor Plays Violin in Amazon’s ‘Mozart in the Jungle’

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We just found out that Thorgy Thor—the underdog of RuPaul’s Drag Race season eight—makes a surprise appearance on the most recent season of Amazon’s Mozart in the Jungle. He plays a violin-playing drag queen which makes sense seeing as Thor is a real-life violin-playing drag queen.

If you’re not watching Mozart, it’s a charming ensemble comedy about players in the New York Orchestra; it’s loosely based on the 2005 memoir of Blair Tindall, an oboist who played with the New York Philharmonic. The series includes openly gay actor Sandro Isaack and a plot line about a bisexual affair between women.

Anyway, in a 2016 interview, Thor said that one day she’d like to arrange a 40-piece orchestra. “I wanna conduct and host and make little jokes about composers,” Thor said, “then turn around and actually play a Mendelssohn.” Felix Mendelssohn is a German composer during the early Romantic period who is also well-known for one of his violin concertos.

Witness Thor’s appearance in Mozart in the Jungle below! We can’t tell if she’s actually playing the violin in it or not, but based on the audio, we’re thinking no. Thor should Instagram some video of her really shredding the violin—we would eat that right on up!

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