Watch Sasha Velour, Todrick Hall and More Respond to Social Media Trolls at DragCon NYC

Watch Sasha Velour, Todrick Hall and More Respond to Social Media Trolls at DragCon NYC

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Gay social networking app Hornet was one of the main sponsors at RuPaul’s DragCon NYC 2017. Senior Editor Alexander Kacala took to the convention floor to chat with the queens and other queer celebs to find out about fan interactions, good and bad.

Reigning winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9 Sasha Velour was on hand to explain why the comments sting so much.

“You know we think negative things about ourselves truly. And seeing people on the internet see us negatively, it’s so hurtful because it does sometimes jibe with the pain that we all have,” she said. “As struggling queer people you know I have my moments where I agree with it and that’s what makes it hurt so much.”

Velour continues: “I think it’s really not a time where we should be purposefully trying to tear each other down like that, especially anonymously.”

Season 3 winner Raja adds: “That is absolutely right. I think a lot of it is nonsense, but when you see something and you’re like, ‘Fuck they saw it. They found that thing I hate about myself.’”

Star of Viceland’s new drag talk show Trixie Mattel relayed one of the negative things she read about herself.

“Today, I saw a comment that said, ‘Finally, Trixie doesn’t have her potato brown teeth smile,’” she said. “I think most of us we read all the good stuff and we don’t listen to it but then we read one bad comment and we think about it for five years.”

Mattel added: “That’s that’s why Phi Phi [O’Hara] is so unhappy.”

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Peppermint told us, “In response to the recent Valentina moment, somebody said, ‘How dare you attack Valentina… you black man tranny.’ And like, that is the best you have?”

We asked Todrick Hall about the recent social media backlash he experienced after starring in Taylor Swift’s new video. “I am a person that stands by my friends always. And she’s a really good friend of mine, and I thought that it was amazing art. It’s broken a lot of records and if I had it to do over again, I would do it over again. I don’t apologize for being there for my friend.”

Sasha Velour concluded with love. Talking about the things that mean so much to her, Velour told us, “The fans who have written to me about their experiences with cancer and what it means to them to see someone just being bald and being beautiful.”

“You know, showing that it’s normal to be bald and it’s ordinary and fabulous and out of this world and all those things. That’s meant so much to me because I can see that it has a real effect on their lived experience and that’s the reason why we do this.”

Watch video of Hornet at DragCon NYC 2017 here:

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