The Horrifying ‘Dragula’ Season 2 Cast Is Here, and We’re Both Terrified and Excited

The Horrifying ‘Dragula’ Season 2 Cast Is Here, and We’re Both Terrified and Excited

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Dragula comes back on Halloween —  and we’re ecstatic. Even more so now that the cast list has been revealed! The horror spin on RuPaul’s Drag Race (RPDR) was created by the drag duo known as the Boulet Brothers. The show’s fright-filled pranks and gross-out challenges make it like a mix of RPDRFear Factor and Jackass. With a combo like that — no wonder we’re staying in on Halloween night to watch!

In Season 1, queens in zombie drag raced to eat a plate of brains. Later they mud-wrestled after being buried alive in bug-infested coffins.

Season 2 will prove to be even bigger and messier. A few months ago we sat down with the Boulet Brothers themselves. They told us that Season 2 will have more episodes, more drag queens and more guest stars.

They also revealed the theme for Season 2. To quote Swanthula Boulet, “If last year was a little on the vampire queen side, this year is all about shock rock ‘n’ roll. Heavy metal and loud, explosive challenges, locations and themes.”

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And, of course, the Boulets themselves get to have fun too. Dracmorda explains:

All the campy, theatrical Boulet vignettes are on full-tilt this year. It was one of the things that audiences responded to the most about the first season, so of course we are turning it up with extra style and melodrama to the max.

We can’t wait for Season 2. After all, the Brothers promise Season 2 will be “the most wild and shocking queer series ever to be broadcast.”

Watch the Dragula Season 2 cast introduction below:

Dragula Season 2’s Cast List:

James Majesty
Dahli Delia
Kendra Onixxx
Biqtch Puddin
Felony Dodger
Victoria Elizabeth Black
Monikkie Shame
Erika Klash

The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula premieres on WOWPresents’ YouTube channel on Oct. 31, 2017. Canadian viewers can watch it on Out TV.

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