‘Dragula’ Season 2 Premiered With Blood-Chugging, Serious Shade and Clive-Barker Inspired Looks

‘Dragula’ Season 2 Premiered With Blood-Chugging, Serious Shade and Clive-Barker Inspired Looks

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Back in August, Dracmorda Boulet — one part of the infamous drag duo The Boulet Brothers — said of their TV show, “Season 2 promises to be the most wild and shocking queer series ever to be broadcast.” Well, after last night’s Dragula Season 2 premiere (on Halloween, natch), we can say the series is well on its way to becoming just that.

As you’d expect from the premiere of a reality competition series, the audience was treated to a brand-new roster of victims queens vying for the title of next drag supermonster. But the first ep also treated us to body bags, a blood-chugging contest, some serious shade from the contestants in the workroom and a main stage runway that blew us out of the water.

There’s already some major beef between these Dragula Season 2 queens, some of whom came into the work room with longstanding bones to pick. Two Atlanta queens, Biqtch Puddiń and Abhorra, have a particularly toxic relationship.

The episode’s big challenge was to create a look worthy of a Clive Barker film. Barker (himself an openly gay author and director) and his Hellraiser films introduced horror movie fans to the Cenobites, extra-dimensional monsters who torture humans and who horrifically embody the way they lived and died.

Judging the Dragula Season 2 premiere runway looks were none other than Drag Race vet and AAA girl Willam, along with Gage (“Munster”) Hubbard, who made a name for himself as a standout contestant on the series Face Off. Future eps are said to feature more big names.

Halloween may have officially come and gone, but treat yourself to the Boulet Brothers’ search for supermonsters all fall long with Dragula Season 2.


Watch the Dragula Season 2 premiere below:

Catch the Boulet Brothers’ Dragula Season 2 premiere on WOWPresents’ YouTube channel. Canadian viewers can watch it on OutTV.

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