DRAMA! Trans Actress Calls Will Smith Gay, Smith’s Ex Denies It

DRAMA! Trans Actress Calls Will Smith Gay, Smith’s Ex Denies It

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After Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett-Smith pledged to boycott the Oscars for nominating no Black actors, transgender actress Alexis Arquette blasted the couple for allegedly living their lives in the closet — escandolo! But then Smith’s first wife came out of the woodwork to insist that her ex is straight. My goodness… let’s take a moment to relive the drama below.

So, it all began with #OscarsSoWhite, a campaign reacting to the fact that (yet again) the Academy Award’s 20 acting nominees were all White — something hardly surprising considering that the Academy’s 6,261 membership is 93 percent White and 76 percent male. In response, Pinkett-Smith made the following video urging Black people to show their power and create something outside of the “mainstream” awards show:

Then came Arquette to launch this flaming missile of a Facebook post:

The sister of recent Oscar winner Patricia Arquette, Alexis is a trans woman in Hollywood who apparently knows a thing or two about queer gossip. She later clarified that the “she” referred to in her post was Smith’s first wife, Sheree Fletcher, who Arquette says was paid off to keep quiet.

Why did Arquette feel the need to use the race-based #OscarsSoWhite movement as a reason to blast people she doesn’t like personally? It was a badly timed move, for sure.

Smith’s first wife, Sheree Fletcher, responded via a Facebook video called “Just setting the record STRAIGHT!” in which she declares, in no uncertain terms, that the Concussion star does not like having sex with other men:

Fletcher adamantly denies Arquette’s accusation, and says she was blindsided by the accusations. In the video, she says that the marriage ended in 1992 because they were both too young. “I don’t think that, if I walked in on him as you say it happened, I don’t think our relationship be, then, what it has been…And I certainly would have told it. Because a woman scorned ain’t nothing nice.”

Tell that to Jada, who’s hinted to both Oprah and Howard Stern that she wouldn’t mind if Will slept with someone else, “as long as he could look in the mirror after.” Open marriage anyone?

Smith’s first major film role was Six Degrees of Separation, in which he played a gay con man infiltrating the snobby New York art world. It was based on a stage play that included a gay kissing scene, which Smith insisted be removed for the film version.

Will and Sheree had one son together. Will and Jada have two kids: notable hair-whipper Willow and gender-bending son Jaden, who at the age of 17 is donning skirts and nail polish for the latest Louis Vuitton women’s fashion campaign. None of this necessarily means that the Smiths are gay or bi, but it all makes for a bit of Hollywood level drama fit for the silver screen.

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