‘Dream Daddy’ Is a Sexy Video Game Simulator for Dating DILFs

‘Dream Daddy’ Is a Sexy Video Game Simulator for Dating DILFs

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Perhaps you’ve seen a sexy father hanging out at the grocery store, movie theatre or pediatrician’s office and have thought, “What’re you doing with that wife of yours? I can make you feel things she’s never even heard about. Let me take you from this life of dirty diapers and diphtheria vaccines and make you the duchess in my dukedom of desire.”

Well, now your sexy DILF fantasies don’t have to stay in your repressed little mind because on Thursday, July 13, 2017, you’ll be able to play Dream Daddy, a video game “dad dating simulator” where you play a single father with a college-bound daughter. With your child away, you’re ready to mingle and mate with seven sexy single dads in your community — will it be the dog-loving fun dad, the sophisticated cosmopolitan dad, the aggressive drunk or all of them?

Let’s get excited by checking out the game’s teaser trailer:

The game promises multiple endings depending on which dad you date, lots of secretspinup art by several talented illustrators, “dad-themed mini and micro games and so many dad puns that it’ll make you uncomfortable.

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But before you start thinking that this game will be as hot and steamy as Coming Out on Top, the gay dating video game that one reviewer called, “the Citizen Kane of ripped, naked big-dicked dudes in love,” it sounds like Dream Daddy will be more flirty and less porny.

The game’s creator Vernon Shaw said, “Dream Daddy at its core is a story about what it means to care for someone else, and I think that’s really important to to anyone who might play this game.”

Two scenes from “Dream Daddy”

You can also customize your dad character with your desired skin tone body, facial hair and piercings. Sounds like the perfect game to give yourself as a belated Father’s Day gift, whether you’re actually a daddy or just want to date one.

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