Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump

After Being Dropped By Big-Name Retailers, Ivanka Trump’s Fashion Line Hits Bargain Bins

Poor Ivanka Trump! First, some loathsome peasant has the audacity to insult her on an airplane. Then Nordstrom and Neiman-Marcus dumped her fashion lines. And now her clothes are ending up in bargain bins and on eBay.

The Hollywood Reporter writes:

“I had been avoiding stores like Saks Off Fifth and Marshalls because they carry her brand,” said a fitness instructor from Los Angeles. “I noticed that all the stock seems to have been pushed into a corner in the back.”

At Saks Off Fifth, the brand’s merchandise was selling at 49 percent off, with a black lace peplum top for $39.99, an ivory ruffled sweater for $44.99 and a sleeveless black dress with gold hardware detail for $69.99. There wasn’t any signage advertising the Trump brand. In fact, the clothing was hanging under a sign that read Calvin Klein.

Is this the result of political backlash? It could be. There is a movement called #GrabYourWallet encouraging consumers to boycott Trump-related brands.

It could also be simply a matter of taste. Ivanka’s designs are overpriced and more than a little tacky.