Drug Of The Week: iDosing

Drug Of The Week: iDosing

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Drug of the Week is an ongoing series about the exciting, new, and often dangerously dumb ways people are getting high these days. To check out our previous Drug of the Week, click here!

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Go ahead and indulge in iDosing without fear, because it is totally made-up. The idea is that you listen to a sound file and it somehow makes your brain go crazy, mimicking the effects of marijuana or ecstasy. Uh huh, sure.

This practice is mostly popular with teens, who will believe anything; and also with trend-piece reporters who are desperate to scare parents into thinking that their teens are in grave danger.

At most, iDosing can help with meditation, or confuse your ability to identify exactly what you’re listening to. It’s supposedly based on binaural beat therapy, which plays different sounds in each ear to induce different brain wave states and allegedly treat anxiety and sleep disorders, though right now there’s not much clinical research verifying that it does anything at all.

Even so, it hasn’t stopped the company iDoser from selling their desktop/mobile app (the digital equivalent of a crack pipe) for $30. The individual doses, which claim to enhance gaming ability, sexual arousal, or just make you trip balls — range from $5 to $60 a pack. A fool and his money…

For the record, the only reason we’ve given this drug a rating of three on hallucinatory effect is because, yeah, music can make you feel things… like sad or happy or energetic or whatever. We gave it a three for medical risk because playing music too loud can make you go deaf. So there (womp, womp… “drugs”).

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