Drunk Priest Offers Oral Sex To Cop – On Video

Drunk Priest Offers Oral Sex To Cop – On Video

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Help me, Jesus Oprah Winfrey! A Catholic priest arrested for drunk driving in Akron, Ohio had his ass thrown in the drunk tank for all the world to see. While being filmed by the police station’s cell camera, Father Ignatius Kury threatened officers, exposed himself, told a passer-by that Oprah Winfrey was going to get her “fat ass” down to the station to help him out, and best yet – offered to give an officer a blow job in exchange for his freedom.

It’s actually really quite sad, although that didn’t stop us from watching with our mouths wide open in disbelief the first time through. Kury was released on bond with no further charges pressed. Officers decided that releasing the video of him bartering oral sex for his release would be punishment enough.

Stay tuned for Kury’s dismissal from his position at the church, his press release about entering rehab, or whatever the hell happens next here.

Jeez. What was this guy thinking?

P.S.- We think your ass looks just fine, Oprah! Don’t listen to the haters.

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