PICS: Illustrator Tim Doyle Shows The Simpsons’ Springfield After Dark

PICS: Illustrator Tim Doyle Shows The Simpsons’ Springfield After Dark

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The 27th season of The Simpsons won’t premiere for another month, but fans looking for new views of Springfield should check out the work of Austin-based illustrator Tim Doyle. He’s been drawing eerie, burned-out versions of the town for years now, and each image of Springfield is packed with references to the show and its characters. See Bart’s nemesis, the evil Sideshow Bob, lurking in the bushes outside the Simpson home? This is just the sort of art with appeal for enthusiastic fans.

Doyle used to run a small chain of comic-book stores, which makes sense given his drawing style, and now he co-owns an operates a commercial screen printing studio. His Simpsons prints sell out quickly, but that’s not the only trick up this TV enthusiast’s sleeve. His non-Simpsons work is inspired by TV shows ranging from Arrested Development to Sesame Street, and from movies including Toy Story to Fight Club. (He really likes diner exteriors, and he’s done everything from the Seinfeld restaurant to the fifties nightclub in Pulp Fiction.)

Doyle’s work is for sale online through Spoke Art in San Francisco, and you can see the whole range of what’s available. In the meantime, take a look at a few more views of Springfield.


(images via Spoke Art Gallery)


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