‘Dykes to Watch Out For’ Has a New Strip, the First Since the Bush Years

‘Dykes to Watch Out For’ Has a New Strip, the First Since the Bush Years

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At least Trump’s election has given us one good thing: Dykes to Watch Out For is back! The seminal comic strip by Alison Bechdel went on hiatus back in 2008, when she needed time to finish her second comic memoir, Are You My Mother?

In the new strip, we visit the usual gang preparing for Thanksgiving, talking about how Trump’s election has affected them:

Bechdel also did a tie-in cover for the Vermont free weekly Seven Days, showing the finished dinner:

Of course, Alison Bechdel’s been very busy since Dykes to Watch Out For went on hiatus. Her highly-acclaimed memoir Fun Home, about her possibly-closeted father’s death and her own coming out, has been turned into a Broadway musical. The book she put Dykes on hold for, Are You My Mother?, is likewise an award-winner, getting the Publishing Triangle‘s Judy Grahn Award for Lesbian Nonfiction in 2013.

Outside of comics, Bechdel is perhaps most famous for the Bechdel Test — itself based on a Dykes to Watch Out For strip — looking at women’s representation in films. The test asks:

While the Bechdel Test was never intended to determine if films are good, it provides an easy way to talk about representation in films.

We definitely hope this means Dykes to Watch Out For is back! That just might make a Trump presidency worth it!

…on second thought, no, no it won’t.

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