Meet Dylan Geick, The Proudly Gay Elite Wrestler Redefining High School Sports Culture

Meet Dylan Geick, The Proudly Gay Elite Wrestler Redefining High School Sports

Written by Alexander Kacala on June 07, 2017
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Senior Dylan Geick is the face of Stevenson High School’s wrestling team.

“He is an incredible athlete. He has great wrestling speed, is very strong, extremely talented,” Stevenson coach Shane Cook told the Chicago Tribune. “He has a dynamic personality. People are drawn to him.”

Dylan Geick

Geick’s athleticism is one of the many things that set him apart from his peers. His ability to authentically be himself is the other. Geick came out of the closet last year. Since then, he has become a visible out and proud member of the high school sports’ community.

When he came out, it surprised many people at his high school — especially those in his wrestling circles. But friends, family and teammates were supportive, offering words of encouragement, love and acceptance.

Dylan Geick

What inspired him to come out was reading about other out athletes, hoping he too can become the inspiration for someone else to come out. “I really didn’t know any gay wrestlers,” Geick told Out Sports. “The first thing I Googled was ‘NCAA gay wrestling’ and that was the article I found. So it’s cool that I get to share my story. I hope I can have the same effect on a high school kid.”

His relationship with his boyfriend also helped him with his decision to come out. Since then, he has been sharing their adorable relationship on social media, including the first time they went to Chicago Pride.

Geick wrote, “Resisting the urge to post the many amazing pictures from pride today, but this one had to go up. If it weren’t for the influence of this talented, amazing, sexy, and very tall young man, I would never have been out and living a life true to myself. I had an amazing time today. Thanks to everyone who chooses love over hate.”

Later, Geick took his boyfriend to senior homecoming, something that many other high school athletes may be afraid to do. With strength and love, he shared this beautiful moment with the caption, “I’m not quite sure how to describe senior homecoming. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had and it’s absolutely insane to think I’ve been with this boy for 7 months now. They’ve been the very best of my life. I love you; thank you.”

Dylan Geick

In the fall, both boys plan to move to New York City where they will attend college. Dylan Geick will attend Columbia where he will continue to wrestle.

Dylan Geick

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