‘Dynasty’ Is Getting a Reboot, So Let’s Relive 3 of the Original Series’ Best Catfights (Video)

‘Dynasty’ Is Getting a Reboot, So Let’s Relive 3 of the Original Series’ Best Catfights (Video)

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From 1981 to 1989, ABC aired Dynasty, a deliriously camp, prime time soap opera that followed the intrigues of the wealthy Carrington family of Denver, Colorado. The show mixed high glamor with incredibly lowbrow thrills, so it’s no wonder that the CW just announced a Dynasty reboot for the network’s 2017-18 season — it’s really the perfect show for the Trump era.

The most enjoyable part of Dynasty was its seemingly non-stop backstabbing, catty dialogue and ridiculously drawn-out slap fights. So in celebration of the reboot, we’ve decided to re-live three of the show’s wildest catfights with some backstory on what’s happening for those who didn’t watch the original.

Before we begin though, we also want to mention that Dynasty also featured a gay character. During the show’s first season, Steven Carrington — the son of the wealthy patriarch, Blake — clashed with his father over being gay. Blake’s homophobia was so bad that when he saw his son embrace his former lover, Ted, Blake ripped them apart, causing Ted to take a lethal fall, setting up the first season’s dramatic courtroom finale.

Anyway, on to the catfights!

1. Alexis and Dominique make headlines

In season two, Joan Collins appeared in the storyline as Alexis, Blake Carrington’s scheming ex-wife. Alexis returned to Denver at the end of season one to get back with Blake, stirring lots of drama within the Carrington family. One of Alexis’ targets was Dominique, Blake’s bi-racial sister who returned to Denver to help Blake with a scandal involving a deceitful business partner.

Alexis thought that Dominique was meddling, so she sought to destroy her. Dominique worked as an aspiring solo singer at the local La Mirage hotel (because why not), and so Alexis had the local newspaper print a damning and scandalous profile of her. When Dominque found out, she wasn’t happy and demanded a retraction. It didn’t go well.

2. Krystle and Alexis bring down the house

Amid her schemes to win Blake back, Alexis learns that Blake’s new wife, Krystle, is pregnant. One day, while riding horses (because that’s what rich oil tycoons do in Colorado), a mysterious “car backfire” startles Krystle’s horse and Krystle falls off, injuring herself and miscarrying her child.

That brings us to this scene, when Krystle discovers that Alexis was at the scene where the backfire occurred. Was Alexis shooting rifles that day? Did Alexis pull the trigger? Of course she did, so a catfight between the ladies is inevitable. They tear the mansion’s adjoining cottage-slash-art studio apart!

3. Alexis and Krystle fight in the lily pond

Alexis can’t stand the fact that her daughter, Fallon, has gotten so close to her new stepmom, Krystle. So Alexis steps in to give Krystle hell. Still shaken by her miscarriage, Krystle attempted to adopt a child, but the effort falls though. Naturally, Alexis has to step in to be a complete bitch about it, and Krystle ain’t having it.

She pushes Alexis into the estate lily pool and both women enter catfight history. They really do fight so much that they should probably just start dating instead.

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