It’s Election Day (aka The Start of the Apocalypse) 2016 — VOTE!!! Politics

It’s Election Day (aka The Start of the Apocalypse) 2016 — VOTE!!!

Written by Darius Dupins on November 08, 2016
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Over the past six months, the world has had their begrudgingly watchful eyes on the U.S. Presidential Election. Reality television boss and GOP nominee Donald J. Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary R. Clinton have spent the last 100 days debating, tweeting, and being fact-checked to become the next president of the U.S. During this excruciating election season, we’ve endured discussions on pussy grabbing, nasty women, secret e-mails, awkward radio interviews and sickening pant suits, one in particular that makes Clinton look like a cross between every chef in the world and LeBron James on draft day.

Think pieces have been written about both candidates and now today is the day we wait for a new era of politics to be ushered in – but it also seems as if the results of this election could usher in our impeding doom; it’s not far-fetched to think another Civil War could breakout – it’s happened before (though that 1864 election also took up the very contentious issue of slavery). Democracies have died and countries have collapsed from the election aftermath.

In 1962, millions of Americans lived everyday in fear during the Cuban Missile Crisis with the imminent threat of nuclear war happening at any moment. Their feelings from 1962 seem to be similar to match many American’s today, especially if Trump wins (which he probably won’t). But as we wait anxiously and fearful, we refresh, refresh, and refresh our live-stream election poll results that may ultimately trigger an apocalypse in which we all die.


Happy Election Day!

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