This Hunky Italian Model Has Gone Viral for His Naughty Elf Pole Dance (Video)

This Hunky Italian Model Has Gone Viral for His Naughty Elf Pole Dance (Video)

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Italian pole dancer and model Domenico Vaccaro has recently achieved internet fame for his now viral video of him dressed as a hunky elf pole dancer and performing to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

The dance itself is pretty incredible. Although Vaccaro’s Instagram only shared the first 30 seconds or so of his public performance, it shows the shirtless, muscular performer in striped red socks, pointy elf-shoes and a green Santa hat doing a flawless air walk upside down and around the pole several times and then waving his beautiful body upright like a banner waving in the North Pole wind.

Male and female admirers watch from all around. Some of them dance along with the music but all of them seem impressed with his athletic display.

Here’s the sexy elf pole dancer video:

It’s unsurprising that Vaccaro is an avid participant in his local Crossfit gym. He’s also a regular pole dancing performer who has performed on the reality TV talent competitions Italia’s Got Talent and Belgium’s Got Talent.

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He is an occasional model who enjoys taking pictures in his briefs as you shall soon see. He’s also a proud doggy dad who enjoys swimming, photography and travel.

Here’s 11 pics of naughty elf pole dancer Domenico Vaccaro:

Vacarro isn’t the only Italian hunk to recently go viral. There’s also the Italian model and math professor Pietro Boselli (who regularly poses in revealing underwear shots) and the 42-year-old Italian math professor Ruggero Freddi who used to perform in gay porn under the name Carlo Massi.

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Geez, all these sexy men are making us think that we should have paid more attention in physical education and algebra class.


Featured image via Domenico Vacarro’s Instagram

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