This Fan Learned the Hard Way Not to Call Gay Comedian Eliot Glazer a Bear

This Fan Learned the Hard Way Not to Call Gay Comedian Eliot Glazer a Bear

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Gay comedian Eliot Glazer, the brother of Broad City actress Ilana Glazer, is making waves on Twitter for taking issue with the term “bear,” the common gay description for burly or big-bellied men. But several Twitter commenters have questioned whether the Eliot Glazer bear response is hypocritical or over-sensitive, especially since he recently appeared shirtless in a gay publication entitled Riot Bear.


The Eliot Glazer bear kerfuffle

Gay San Diego Twitter user Tom Zohar pointed out Glazer’s seeming contradiction in a tweet yesterday showing two of Glazer’s Twitter posts side-by-side.

In the first one, posted by Glazer on Nov. 9, 2017, Glazer wrote:

I don’t identify with narrow-minded assignations on what others TELL ME my body looks like. I’m not a bear, a twink, a zaddy or any other category invented by gay men to qualify someone else’s body. It’s archaic, privileged trash and I AM NOT HERE FOR IT. Fuck dat noise.

In the second tweet, posted by Glazer yesterday, Glazer published a shirtless image of himself which was published alongside his interview with Riot Bear, a fashion and lifestyle magazine inspired by the “Bear and Body Positive movement” that finds beauty in “real male body types,” according to its editor James Anthony.

Glazer’s Nov. 9, 2017 post occurred in proximity to another on the same day responding to a Twitter user named James Bradford who thanked Glazer for “intentionally serving hotness for bears around the world” through his appearance in Broad City.

Glazer responded, “I refuse to be categorized into someone else’s sexual narrative. Don’t call me a bear, don’t call me a twink, just call me by my fucking name. I’m tired of rolling my eyes at this noise.”

Regarding his side-by-side comparison of Glazer’s seemingly contradictory tweets, Zohar wrote:

Listen the dude tore into a fan for thanking him for being a good physical role model, refused to discuss it or apologize, then embraced the same label for a photoshoot. I’m not doing a “character takedown”, I’m just pointing it out.

In the Riot Bear interview, Glazer described his relationship with his body as, “Complicated. Political. Exhausting. Living in L.A. makes it hard.”

Glazer has written for Broad City as well as the shows Younger and New Girl. He once starred in his own wry gay web series It Gets Betterish, has performed in his bi-coastal musical show Haunting Renditions and recently sold a show to Comedy Central entitled Inside Voice, a sitcom he described as “a gay Curb Your Enthusiasm” set in Los Angeles.

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