Ellen DeGeneres Talks to a 12-Year-Old Boy Who Was Beaten Up for Wearing Makeup (Video)

Ellen DeGeneres Talks to a 12-Year-Old Boy Who Was Beaten Up for Wearing Makeup (Video)

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Ever since Reuben de Maid was eight, he has been fascinated with makeup. He would watch YouTube makeup tutorials, apply his sister’s and mother’s makeup and even make himself up and attend primary school in it. For a while he felt great about it, but as he grew older, the kids in his theatre class started bullying him.

“In my drama group, I used to get hit, punched and kicked,” he recently told daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

“And they went on for two months. Then after two months, I tried to brush it off, but brushing it off just doesn’t work.” Maid tried standing up to them. He eventually told his mom who transferred him to another school in Llandaff, Wales, where he’s from.

“Good for you for not stopping being who you are. That’s really tough,” DeGeneres told Maid to the applause of her audience. “The fact that just because you want to wear makeup, that somebody thinks they have to hit you or even call you names, it’s not hurting anybody. It’s what you want to do and you look fantastic.”

Maid is just one of a growing generation of young men willing to express themselves through makeup. In fact, one website just highlighted 15 other proud #FemBoyTwitter users who proudly share their made-up faces on social media.

Maid is now a 12-year-old singer who will appear in the upcoming episode of NBC’s child-driven variety show Little Big Shots. Despite the fact that he belted out the Dreamgirls tune “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” for DeGeneres’ show, when she asked about his aspirations he admitted that he’d “love to be a Kardashian.”

After a bit of audience laughter, he said that he’d love to have a YouTube channel with his sister doing makeup tutorials and eventually, his own makeup brand.

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