Ellen Encouraged Women to Go Gay for More and Better Sex (Video)

Ellen Encouraged Women to Go Gay for More and Better Sex (Video)

Written by R. S. Benedict on March 21, 2017
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On her show, Ellen DeGeneres discussed a recent study showing that Americans are having less sex. But she has a solution: lesbianism.

Ellen noted that Americans were having sex 62 times a year just a few decades ago. But today, that number is only 53.

The beloved talk show host offered her (presumably) celibate viewers some advice. She suggested watching less Netflix. (No mention of the fact that Americans are working longer hours, which is probably a bigger culprit than Crazyhead.)

DeGeneres also mentioned that some people aren’t enjoying sex as much as they used to. Then she flashed a headline stating lesbian have more orgasms than straight women.

Will people take her advice? It remains to be seen. But it is pretty great that America has progressed to the point that a mainstream talk show host can openly encourage her audience to turn gay.

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