18 Must-See Signs From the Equality March in Washington, D.C.

18 Must-See Signs From the Equality March in Washington, D.C.

Written by Alexander Kacala on June 14, 2017
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In Washington D.C. and almost 70 other cities across the United States, supporters of LGBTQ rights showed up for marches and rallies on Sunday. There, they celebrated their wins but also protested the current administration’s threat of these advancements.

The main event, the Equality March in D.C., saw a great turnout of defiant protestors clamoring to have their voices heard during a time when they feel invisible.

Matthew Reimer and Leighton Brown (center and right in the featured image) are two of those protestors. They are the team behind the Instagram account @lgbt_history, a platform that shares important moments in our collective queer history that may have been forgotten.

Taking a break from the scorching sun, we sat with them to find out why they came out to the Equality March.

“I’m queer and angry,” Reimer tells us.

When asked why, he responds, “There’s a lot of reasons.”

“Let’s start with the Trump administration. The murder rate of trans women of color in this country is staggering. The suicide rate among teens who identify as queer is as well. The population of homeless youth who identify as queer. The healthcare system for the queer population. Workplace protections. You can still get fired just for being queer and that’s just in our country. And then Chechnya.”

Brown adds: “They are rounding them up, killing them at times and our government won’t really say anything about it.”

Reimer thinks Trump’s silence on Pride Month is for the good. “I don’t want to imagine the word pride coming out that miserable fuck’s mouth,” he proclaims.

“It was no surprise,” Brown continues. “And it would have been such bullshit if he had said anything anyway.”

Reimer wants to have a conversation on “the inclusivity of Republican queers,” but doesn’t think we can have that conversation right now.”Anything that legitimizes the Republican party, anything that they do that makes us think they aren’t that bad – they are,” he says. “They are murderers.”

What do they hope comes out from the march and rally?

“People will know they aren’t alone and that people need other activists and go forth with that wherever they are from,” Reimer answers. “The speakers are a diverse line-up here today. Maybe for the first time in quite some white cis-gender queer men will shut the fuck up and listen.”

Brown answers, “I think why many people should show up all across the country is to show those you can’t be here we have some power, we have some numbers, we have your back and we will be there for you if you need us.”

“At least we hope we will.”

Here are 18 of our favorite signs from the Equality March:

“If Donald Trump was really a friend of the LGBTQ community, we have fixed that hair years ago.”

equality march 1

“Deadpool approves” and “Men can have vaginas. Women can have penises.”

equality march 3

“You can pee next to me.”

equality march 2

“Queer anger is queer death,” “Marching for those who can’t” and “Silence = Death”

“Impeachable Donny Schmidt”

equality march 5

“Hey Pence. Eat a bag of dicks.”

Equality march

“Manbaby needs a spanking.”

equality march

“Your love is valid.”

equality march

“I like dick. I like taters. I don’t like dictators.”

“You’re not my real president and you never will be.”

“Trans rights are human rights.”

“Fuck 4,” “Trump my dear, sashay away,” and ” I’m the big scary faggot Fox News warned you about.”

equality march

“Who do we gotta blow to release Trump’s tax returns?”

equality march

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