The ESPN Magazine Body Issue Has Lots of Naked Athletes For You To Sweat Over (Photos)

The ESPN Magazine Body Issue Has Lots of Naked Athletes For You To Sweat Over (Photos)

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Every year, ESPN magazine releases its Body Issue, a chance for sports fans and lovers of the human form to gaze upon various nude athletes and marvel in their musculature.

Let’s take a second to gaze upon the male athletes’ sculpted physiques. They might be more ripped than the sexy bodies of everyday men but that’s part of the wonder of watching sports, no?

Javier Baez (baseball)

Batter up!

We’d love to score and go to home plate with Baez.

Baez is the 24-year-old second baseman of the 2016 World Series winning Chicago Cubs.

Julian Edelman (football)

Our little drummer boy!

“Watch where you’re pointing those!”

He’s clipped…. we wonder what he looks like with fur….

Edelman is a 31-year-old wide receiver with the New England Patriots, the two-time Super Bowl championship team.

Ezekiel Elliott (football)

He is making us thirsty for some blue Gatorade.

Like a Greek statue!

Even his shadow is sexy.

Marry us now.

Elliot is a 21-year-old running back with the Dallas Cowboys.

Zach Ertz (football)

He’s got a soccer playing wife that we envy.

We’re getting carried away with him (like that ball).

And that fur … wow.

And he’s got great balance!

Ertz is a 26-year old tight end with the Philadelphia Eagles. We’ll avoid the easy butt joke about his


Malakai Fekitoa (rugby)

He’s so hot he even makes the ocean thirsty.

And his body looks hard as a rock.

He’s so heavenly that he bathes in the Garden of Eden.

His tattoos are pretty sexy too.

His body is making it rain.

If he came running at us, we’d welcome him with open arms.

Fekitoa is a 25-year-old center with the New Zealand All Blacks.


Gus Kenworthy (freeskiing)

He’s strapped in and ready for action.

He’s also ready for some high-flying fun!

Snow bunny

Tough and in the buff

Even his butt is cut.

A wintertime dream!

Kenworthy is a 25-year-old Olympic silver medalist freeskier. He is also openly gay.


Isaiah Thomas (basketball)

He’s only wearing his headband and a smile!

We’d love to ball with him sometime.

We could also go head-to-head with him for some one-on-one.

And afterwards, we can scrub his back in the shower.

Thomas is a 28-year-old guard with the Boston Celtics and a two-time NBA All-Star.


Brent Burns and Joe Thornton (hockey)

Bum buddies!

Hats off to these two sexy gents.

And their beards are unbe-weave-able!

And those smiles!

It’s always more fun with a friend!

Burns is a 37-year-old defenseman and Thornton is a 32-year-old center for the San Jose Sharks

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