Eurovision 2015: Spain’s Edurne Will Cast Her Spell On You!

Eurovision 2015: Spain’s Edurne Will Cast Her Spell On You!

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You’re not prepared for the bewitching power of Spain’s Eurovision 2015 performer, Edurne! She’s a 29-year-old star who began performing at age nine in the children’s music group Trastos and then appeared eight years later as Marga in the Spanish soap opera Hospital Central.

In 2006, she gained national attention after coming in sixth in Operación Triunfo (Spain’s equivalent of American Idol), and releasing her debut album Edurne which had three hit singles including one (“Despierta”) that rocketed to number five on the Spanish singles charts.

She also placed second in the 2011 season of the Spanish dance competition ¡Más Que Baile! (More Than Just Dance!) and performed for charity in 2013 for the celebrity impersonation show Tu Cara Me Suena (Your Face Sounds Familiar).

As a singer, dancer, and performer she’s a real triple threat, and ready to take on her Eurovision competitors!


“Amanecer” (“The Break of Dawn”), an epic electronic love song about “the painful story of a lost love and the quest to retrieve joy and see the sunrise again.” The video (above) shows a sexy shirtless lover seeking his elusive lady, a mysterious women who is unafraid to tread near volcanoes and can magically transform into a tiger — RAWR!

The song’s best lyric: “My heart whispered to me, ‘Don’t you come back without him.’ It whispered, ‘Breathe my soul back into me. Bring me back to the break of day.”


She’s in a relationship with sexy, scruffy Manchester United-player David De Gea, and tends to relax right before her public performances. She calls Eurovision 2015 “the most important project of my career.”


Her 2006 single ”Despierta” (“Awake”) shows her powerful voice and fun, stylish performances that have made her so popular.

The 2006 single ”Amores Dormidos” (“Love is Asleep”) has catchy drums and a resonant chorus — no wonder it was featured in the soundtrack for Spanish telenovela Yo Soy Bea (I Am Bea).

Her mega-popular 2013 English-language hit ”Painkiller” got her compared both to Madonna and Rihanna, in part because of its BDSM stylings.


Edurne’s Spanish-language version of Queen’s famous song “Somebody to Love” entitled ”Un Poco De Amor” still connects with its message of passionate longing — turns out love really is an international language!

Edurne’s Spanish version of ”You’re The One That I Want” came from her star turn playing Sandy in Grease, a role she played onstage for five years (2007 – 2013).

Her incredible performance of Chrstian Aguilera’s “Hurt” on the celebrity impersonation show Tu Cara Me Suena.

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