Eurovision 2015 – The 5 Songs That Best Exemplify The ‘Building Bridges’ Theme

Eurovision 2015 – The 5 Songs That Best Exemplify The ‘Building Bridges’ Theme

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In the last series of our Eurovision Extravaganza, we explored videos that said “Fuck it” to world peace and sang about whatever the hell they wanted. In this post, we’re going to explore the opposite: songs that really embrace the “Building Bridges” theme and champion world peace. God bless ‘em though, because some of these songs are kind of depressing, so get the Kleenex ready!

“Wars For Nothing” by Boggy from Hungary

The first entry we have is Boggie who will be representing Hungary with “Wars for Nothing.” The title makes the song’s message pretty clear, but the lyrics are pretty moving: “Can you justify all the eyes that will never see daylight? Give me one good reason to hurt a helpless soul, break a heart, kill a mind.”

It’s giving me some kind of guilt trip and I’ve never even participated in a war (not actively anyway) and essentially that’s the whole message of the song. Plus, the video is very stripped back with her singing in a town square. Damn, that’s powerful. Now I feel bad for ever supporting any war, including Star Wars.

“De la capat/All Over Again” by Voltaj from Romania

Initially I had forgotten why I had chosen Romania’s entry by Voltaj, titled “De la capat/All Over Again.” I was ready to make it all about the beautiful landscapes of Romania and how I thought the child in the video was writing to Santa Claus (and defiantly sealing the letter with his middle finger like “Fuck you, Santa!”)

But about two minutes in, the song switches to English and we’re informed that over three million Romanians work abroad to provide for their families. Like fuck, can you imagine anyone on MTV’s Teen Mom doing that for their kids? Hell no.

I want to thank this beautiful bald man and his band for raising awareness on this issue! I particularly felt connected to the lyrics, “Life is not a rehearsal. Don’t look back — you may lose what you dream,” because I think everyone, no matter your country, feels pressure to work hard, make money, and provide for the ones we love, and we can always lose sight of what’s important to us and what we’re actually trying to achieve! Ugh. Capitalism… you heartless bastard.

“Beauty Never Lies” by Bojana Stamenov from Serbia

Whenever I first began going through the entries for Eurovision, I was immediately drawn to Serbia and Bojana Stamenov’s “Beauty Never Lies.” It’s kind of like an Eastern European version of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” with lyrics like, “Beauty never lies, never hides, never gives a damn. Finally I can say, “Yes, I’m different, and that’s okay! Here I am!”

Yes girl! You better give all those unpopular, Eurovision-loving Serbian kids an anthem, and not just the pretty, heterosexual dancer girls and studly guys covered in dirt! I also connected with the video because it’s a compilation video of Serbians lip synching to the song, girl knows how to appeal to the gays and I am living for her — love it!

Despite the cute empowering message (and the song kicking into full-on dance mode in the second half), I worry this is the type of song that will only get like, fifteenth place. But you know, maybe Bojana Stamenov will be the Jennifer Hudson of Eurovision 2015 season. Remember, J-Hud only made it to the top 10 of American Idol but she later won an Oscar for Dreamgirls? So maybe Stamenov will go on to win the Serbian equivalent of an Oscar or whatever. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

“Chain of Light” by Anita Simoncini and Michele Perinola from San Marino

“Chain of Light” is a tale of finding the light inside of us all to change tomorrow. First off the top, Michele is a very handsome young man (in a non “To Catch a Predator” way) — he’ll continue to age like a fine San Marino wine; oh yes. Imagine the taste and scent of his bouquet fresh in your glass… oh wait, what was I writing about? Oh yes, back to the song!

It’s very uplifting with lyrics like, “If we all light a candle, we could build a chain of light. If we all walk together, we will feel the love inside.” Awww, isn’t that heartwarming? The video also showcases San Marino’s many different job opportunities. So if you’re looking for work as a dancer, chocolate manufacturer, golfer, or violinist, maybe you should move there? Yes, San Marino — it’s your new job paradise.

“In the Name of Love” by Monika Kuszynska from Poland

Unlike The Supremes, Kuszynska is not telling us to stop “In the Name of Love,” but rather to carry on and “Build the bridge from heart to heart in the name of love.”

Her video is very beautiful and shot in some kind of Polish quasi-aristocratic living room that’s fancy as fuck. In it, Kuszynska takes a look back at her career. At first, I thought, “Well, this is kind of self indulgent, bitch.” But then the video ends with her in a wheelchair so I guess… it’s acceptable? Turns out she was paralyzed from the waist down when she and her band mates got in a car accident in 2006, so the video is actually pretty beautiful and sad — a way of telling everyone, no matter what they’ve lost, to keep on in the name of love. OMG! I need a Kleenex, bad.

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