Portugal Wins Eurovision 2017 with a Powerful, Understated Song

Portugal Wins Eurovision 2017 with a Powerful, Understated Song

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Today was the most-highly anticipated event amongst Europeans and gay men! This year’s Eurovision finals were held in Kiev, Ukraine. A bit of drama proceeded this year’s event — some of the producers left and, of course, the fight determined that Russia’s performing singer would not be allowed into Ukraine.

When the final votes came in, however, the winner was Portugal with 758 points awarded to Salvador Sobral’s performance of “Amar Pelos Dois,” an old-school orchestral pop song. Sobral imbued his performance with emotion and proved a clear favorite in early country-by-country voting. Sobral also gave Portugal its very first Eurovision win!

Portugal got a majority of the judges’ votes; Bulgaria, Sweden and Australia came in second, third and fourth respectively. As for the audience, Portugal was their winner, and Bulgaria, Moldova and Belgium were second, third and fourth — and the overall second, third and fourth places mirrored the televote.

Despite the theme being diversity, the performers who made it to the finals weren’t particularly diverse in color. Croatia’s entry was made up of just one guy:

The staging seemed much lower-key this year too — very few acts had any props or huge set pieces. Things seemed way less weird, too — aside from Ladder Horse in Azerbaijan’s performance:

and a Harambe-esque dancing gorilla in Italy’s performance:

Most acts just performed on almost-empty stages. We missed the spectacle of giant flaming hamster wheels and other spectacles of years past.

But despite the reigned-in nature, Eurovision 2017 still presented a number of great performances. Some of our favorites included Portugal’s moving ballad and Azerbaijan’s awesome pop song.

Oddly enough, some of our favorites from this year’s selection of music videos didn’t translate to the stage. The gimmick of Croatia’s self-duet is impressive, but on stage, the fact that the song is just a retread of “Let It Go” shines through.

Another surprise was IMRI from Israel who performed first. While he was gorgeous, he also missed almost every single note he tried to sing.

Earlier this week, bookmakers had Italy listed as the likely winner, but by the end of the performances, bookies changed their favorite to Bulgaria. Italy had slid to fourth place. The bookies placed Portugal as their second most likely, and Belgium in third.

They got pretty close and  they rightfully placed Spain’s abysmal performance at the bottom of the list.

Congratulations to Portugal and Sobral …

… but we all know the REAL winner of Eurovision — the guy who mooned the crowd during the performance from last year’s winner.


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