Pride underwear, andrew christian, underwear expert
Pride underwear, andrew christian, underwear expert

Every Underwear Company Wants Money To Put ‘Pride’ In Your Pants

Now that 2015 has become the year for Pride (in part because of the recent Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage), underwear brands are jumping to cash in. Multiple brands have created Pride underwear featuring little fabric, bold colors and rainbows galore.

Brands like Diesel, Andrew Christian, papi, and others are encouraging gay men pony up some cash, strip down and let others know that they’re proud with bright, bold skivvies. It’s a shameless bit of marketing as colorful undies don’t make you any gayer, more queer or prideful than folks who buy another brand. Plus, if each brand actually donated proceeds of their “Pride” underwear sales to LGBT organizations, then that’d be something you could really be proud of.

As far as we know, the Australia-based underwear company AussieBum is donating proceeds of their Pride underwear sales to the Australian Marriage Equality organization to help get marriage equality in their country — so, good for them! All the others though are merely nice to look at.

Check out the skivvies:

gay pride 2015, pride underwear, andrew christian
Andrew Christian
pride underwear, gay pride 2015, Aussieum
pride underwear, gay pride 2015, diesel
papi, pride underwear, gay pride

(featured image via Jerrad Matthew)

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