Fabulous College Grad Protests Homophobia in Dress and High Heels (Video)

Fabulous College Grad Protests Homophobia in Dress and High Heels (Video)

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The crowd erupted in hoots and applause as Brazilian graduate Talles de Oliveira sashayed up to receive his college degree in a kicky red dress and high heels as a fabulous protest against homophobia. The student approached the podium in a more conservative purple dress, but whipped it off to unveil his gaily-colored frock.

Watch him work it in the video below:

The Huffington Post writes:

The 24-year-old Brazilian student’s ensemble was a form of protest against the homophobia he says he experienced during his five years studying at the Instituto de Tecnologia da Aeronáutica (ITA), one of Brazil’s most prestigious engineering school that functions with the support of the country’s Air Force.

De Oliveira Faria’s shirt says “ITA Aeronáutica and its traditions” with bullet points that read: homophobia, racism, psychological violence and abuse of authority.

He later posted an image of himself in the outfit on Instagram:


We love de Oliveira’s chosen form of protest. Even more, we love how supportive the crowd was: people cheered and applauded the whole time. If this becomes a tradition, we’re all for it.

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