New Study Says If You’re a Man With This Face Shape, You’re More Likely to Cheat

New Study Says If You’re a Man With This Face Shape, You’re More Likely to Cheat

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A Canadian-led face shape study recently published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior concluded that men with shorter, wider faces “tend to be more sexually motivated … have a stronger sex drive … are more easy-going when it comes to casual sex and would consider being unfaithful to their partners,” compared to those with faces of other dimensions.


How the face shape study worked

The study, led by Steven Arnocky — a professor who specializes in evolutionary psychology,
sexual conflict and  behavioral ecology at Nipissing University in Canada — happened in two parts.

In the first part, Arnocky’s team asked 145 university undergraduates currently involved in romantic relationships questions about their sex drive and interpersonal behavior. In the second part, his team issued asked 314 students the same questions and additional ones about their sexual orientation, their openness to infidelity and their comfort with casual sex not involving love or commitment.

His research team then measured photographs of each participants’ face to calculate their facial width-to-height ratio. They found that the shorter and wider a person’s face was, the more sexually motivated they were, including an openness to casual sex and infidelity (a.k.a. cheating).


This isn’t the first face shape study to correlate facial dimensions and sex

While Arnocky’s study might sound like biometric nonsense or mere coincidence — especially considering its small and non-random sampling of university students — his conclusions are actually supported by previous research correlating facial structure and key psycho-behavioral traits.

For example, previous studies have found that men with square faces are seen as “more aggressive, more dominant, more unethical and more attractive as short-term sexual partners than their thinner and longer-faced counterparts.”

Steven Arnocky

Past research has found that testosterone plays a key role in shaping the faces of individuals during certain developmental periods, like puberty, and possibly their sexual behaviors. The hormone plays a role in forming adult sexual attitudes and desires, and it’s one of many hormones that affects the body’s growth and sexual maturation throughout a person’s lifespan.

On an unrelated side note: Professor Arnocky (above) is kinda sexy. Just sayin’. We wonder what his facial width-to-height ratio is.


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