Inspectors Uncover Dozens of Violations at Chinese Factory Used by Ivanka Trump

Inspectors Uncover Dozens of Violations at Chinese Factory Used by Ivanka Trump

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Investigators recently uncovered dozens of violations at a factory used by Ivanka Trump’s clothing-brand in China.

Since 2012, Ivanka Trump’s clothing has been made by exclusively by G-III Apparel Group. Other brands working with the manufacturing middle-man include Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger.

Trump has championed the company, saying in a 2012 statement that “G-III has distinguished itself as a trusted partner for some of the world’s finest and most visible brands.”

A recent audit shows that one factory used by G-III made its workers work 60 hours a week to earn wages of little more than $62 a week, among many other infringements.

The Washington Post reports:

Inspectors with the Fair Labor Association, an industry monitoring group whose members include Apple and Nike, found two dozen violations of international labor standards during a two-day tour of the factory in October, saying in a report that workers faced daunting hours, high turnover, and pay near or below China’s minimum wage.

The inspection offers a rare look at the working conditions of the global manufacturing machine that helped make Trump’s fashion brand a multimillion-dollar business.

Other violations at the factory include:

Trump does not have a leadership role in G-III and it is not clear if her products were being made at the time of the investigation.

Ivanka Trump’s company declined to comment on the factory inspection. Messages left with G-III were not returned.

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