Our 7 Favorite Jockstrap Brands for the Guy With Sexy Style

Our 7 Favorite Jockstrap Brands for the Guy With Sexy Style

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Whether it’s a functional jockstrap or a strictly-for-fashion jockstrap — or something in between — these skimpy pieces of fabric have been a men’s wardrobe staple since the 1870s. C. F. Bennett of a Chicago sporting goods company invented the very first jockstrap in 1874 as a functional undergarment for bike messengers. Of course, as time has evolved, designers have infused fashion and sporty functionality into the jockstrap, making it a go-to undergarment for everything from sexy play to circuit parties to daily wear.

There are hundreds of jockstrap brands in the market, and from designers including Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani, each one offers a different style of a jockstrap for various activities. So whether you’re heading to San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair, New York City’s Black Party or you’re just heading to the gym, there really is a jockstrap for every occasion.

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Check out our 7 favorite jockstrap brands:

1. Mr-S-Leather

Mr-S-Leather, a San Francisco institution, is the city’s go-to place to get your leather and fetish gear. Stocked with harnesses, adult sex toys and BDSM-wear, Mr-S-Leather also makes the best jockstrap in town. In our opinion, the jock to beat is the FuckGear Play Jock. The pouch, constructed out of a smooth rubber material, gives your boys proper support and lift. This jock also has an extra layer of rubberized fabric inside the pouch, which creates a cool sensation when you rub up against it. With one-inch butt straps and a dangerously low cut, you’ll instantly feel sexy when you put on this jockstrap. $37 at mr-s-leather.com

2. Nasty Pig

Nasty Pig — based in Chelsea, Manhattan — is another top pick for jockstraps. Known for its leather gear but with a street sensibility, Nasty Pig also has a great underwear selection that includes colorful jockstraps. Nasty Pig’s classic cotton ribbed fabric is our favorite fabric offering from the collection; it feels sturdy and gives proper support. With added piping detail around the pouch, it also lifts a guy’s package and enhances his bulge nicely. $29 at nastypig.com

3. CellBlock 13

With his brand based in Los Angeles, Timoteo Ocampo — the founder and designer of the brand CellBlock 13 — has had a cult following since 2012. Infusing fashion into fetishwear, CellBlock 13 has established itself as a leading men’s brand with a kinky twist. Its one-of-a-kind jockstrap, the X-Treme Codpiece with C-Ring, includes a unique feature inside the pouch. Hidden underneath, a thick silicone Y-shaped cock ring can be inserted to lift up your boys. The codpiece is detachable from the waistband, with metal snaps for your convenience. This nylon and spandex-blended jockstrap has two front metal rings that let you attach a harness to its waistband — which means this jock is all about action and boosting the size of your bulge. $33 at internationaljock.com 

4. AD Fetish

Hailing from Barcelona, Addicted has built strong brand recognition with its swimwear and now has a huge underwear collection to boot. The brand offers sexy and fashionable jockstraps, and the circuit crowd has been a huge fan of these since day one. Now Addicted has introduced an even edgier line, AD Fetish, for a ‘rougher’ audience. Instead of stretch cotton, polyamide blends make for sturdy cup construction that enhances the fit for your package. Contrast lining adds additional support and gives your bulge a nice lift. $34 at fetish.addicted.es

5. Pump!

If fashion is your thing, Pump! could be the brand for you. Based in Montréal, Pump! incorporates sporty aesthetics with a fun fashion sensibility in its underwear design. Focused on fabric innovation, Pump! prides itself on creating underwear that is naturally comfortable and highly durable — like the Big League Jock, the mesh fabric of which feels comfortable and is also breathable. The contrast piping detail provides support around the crotch area and lifts up your bulge, while its vibrant colors make this jockstrap visually appealing, too. $22 at pumpunderwear.com

6. Maskulo 

Maskulo is a newer fetish gear company that has produced high-quality menswear since 2014. Based in Russia, this gay-owned-and-operated brand focuses on making men feel sexy and attractive with fetish-inspired gear. Like its fetish jockstrap, a rubber jock featuring a fully detachable codpiece, with an upper layer filled with foam rubber for protection. With this unique feature, Maskulo gives you a prominent bulge and lifts your package nicely. The brand also offers a broad range of sizes, from XS to 5XL, and parts of the proceeds go to human rights organizations in Russia. $42 at muskulo.com

7. GYM 

If you prefer an old-school jockstrap, GYM could be your favorite brand. With no frills, this jockstrap is the ultimate classic, like what you’d see in a high school locker room. This cotton blend with nylon grants you the ability to move freely (perfect for the gym), and it has a two-inch-wide band that fits comfortably on your waist. Unlike other brands, this GYM jockstrap doesn’t include a cup to lift up your boys, but its classic pouch is roomy enough for even a well-endowed guy. $10 at jockstraps.com


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