This Hilarious Tale of Faye Dunaway Hair Salon Drama Has Us Rolling

This Hilarious Tale of Faye Dunaway Hair Salon Drama Has Us Rolling

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It’s long been a running joke among the gay men of West Hollywood that everyone has a Faye Dunaway horror story. Whether you accidentally bumped her cart in the grocery story or — god forbid — stared at her blinding greatness for a second too long, you’ve felt her wrath. Now she’s taken that wrath to New York City, where Faye Dunaway hair drama has made the news.

Page Six reports that La Dunaway (who, you know, famously starred in one of our favorite films, The Eyes of Laura Mars, in addition to the camp classic Mommie Dearest) caused a commotion at Manhattan’s Marie Robinson Salon after getting her extensions worked on. The bill was apparently $3,000, and she refused to pay it.

“She claimed she didn’t know it was that expensive and then said, ‘I’m not paying that. I can’t believe how expensive this is. I’m only paying half!’” Page Six reports.

The salon apparently took the “half” that Dunaway was offering, but wanted the rest as well. “Faye stormed out screeching, ‘This is ridiculous!’ Everyone in the salon was aghast … Her hair looked great — so she should pay!” says Page Six’s source.

First of all, let’s just say a stunt like this has Dunaway’s fingerprints all over it. She cracks us up!

Best of all, though, Page Six reached out to Dunaway, who told them this:

I’d prefer you not run that. I’ve now paid the whole thing — but I will not be going back there because it is not the price they said it would be. So, I don’t know what to say to you except I didn’t throw a fit. I was just very alarmed at the amount they were charging me for the very small amount of hair work that they did. … I am a normal human being and don’t expect special favors, but I was shocked to be charged the same [fee] I had previously paid to get what was now a hair correction. I felt it was extravagant and inappropriate.

Faye Dunaway, WE LOVE YOU.

Dunaway was of course most recently in the news after she incorrectly named La La Land as the Best Picture winner at least year’s Oscars instead of Moonlight.


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