F*ck You F*ggot: Nicole Santos’ Amazing Campaign For Jr. Class President

F*ck You F*ggot: Nicole Santos’ Amazing Campaign For Jr. Class President

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That “Fuck you faggot” message on your wall this morning urging you to vote for Nicole Santos – yeah, you’re not going to want to click on that. Nicole Santos is probably a very sweet girl, but the internet is getting to know her as a homophobic Facebook post-cum-computer virus. Again, DO NOT click the post about her if it ends up on your page.

I think it’s fairly safe to say that Facebook has a big, gay problem on it’s hands. Writing something like this on someone’s Facebook wall, the 21st century town square, is enough to get a student suspended from school, an employee’s job terminated, or even criminal bullying charges brought against you. So what do we do about a company whose lax stance on gay rights has progressed to the point where a security vulnerability has been allowed to transform into a homophobic computer virus?

Unicorn Booty has over 50,000 Facebook followers, making us the most followed gay blog in the world by a long shot, and yet Facebook has shut down our page three times in the past year because raging homophobes flag our page as offensive content. While our headlines are sometimes provocative, we never post porn, nudity, or anything considered offensive to anyone. We’re here to connect readers with gay-friendly news and businesses, in fact.

UB is just one of the higher profile examples of gay authors, gay sports teams, gay blogs, and gay online stores who see their pages yanked over and over again because bigots flag their pages as offensive or inappropriate.

Just three weeks ago, and after getting GLAAD involved on our behalf at one point, Facebook put a shield on our page protecting us from future coordinated takedowns from groups like NOM and any homophobe with a Facebook account. Why it took a year is beyond us, but we also realize that not every gay page on Facebook has 50,000 followers to help prove their case.

Facebook’s gay problem was even more evident last month when the company took down a photo of two men kissing. The world rightly freaked the F out afterwards, and thousands of Facebook users switched their profile pictures to shots of them locking lips with the homo of their choosing until the picture was reinstated on FB.

And Queerty broke news just days ago about a Facebook ad featuring two women smooching that the company pulled, and eventually reinstated after being lambasted once more for their repeated homophobic missteps.

Let’s put it this way; if Facebook were a person instead of a company making these poor judgment calls, then Facebook would be labeled a homophobe and fired, if yesterday’s termination of anti-gay sports agent Damian Goddard for homophobic tweets is any indication. Society doesn’t accept repeated and thoughtless displays of homophobia from individuals – so why are we giving Facebook a free pass over and over here?

And finally, good luck on that election, Nicole Santos!

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