FCKH8 Kind of Creeps Us Out With Gay 12-Year-Olds’ Kiss Music

FCKH8 Kind of Creeps Us Out With Gay 12-Year-Olds’ Kiss

Written by Kevin Farrell on March 27, 2017
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FCKH8, we love you. We really do. You’ve provided us with classic blog headline fodder like FCKh8 FCK’s the FCKing Don’t Say Gay Bill. Big props, really.

Your latest neon masterpiece starts off so well. We’re with you on valid sensational points like “hanging with black people makes you blacker” and “my religion gets to make the laws in America.” Smart satire with bright colors. Word.

But what the FCK is up with the two 12-year-old boys smooching at the end of your latest video?!

It’s not that 12-year-old’s aren’t gay. (I was.) It’s not that 12-year-old’s don’t kiss other 12-year-olds. (They do.) It’s just that the shot is obviously polarizing and it’s…well, it’s creepy, to watch children kiss. In a commercial, even.

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It’s feels creepy for me as a grown-ass gay man to watch kids kiss. It feels creepy to post video of children kissing on my company’s website. I understand the point is to ruffle feathers, but if some of the top gay bloggers in the world are creeped out by your message (or method, in this case), you’re ruffling the wrong feathers.

My partner and future-sister-in-law-in-six-states happened to be watching this video over my shoulder and we all had the same reaction when the kiss happened.

“AUGHH, Wha-why-what the hell?! Why did they do that?”

A swing and a miss from where we’re sitting, FCKH8. (We still love you though.)

What do you think about the kiss? Sweet? Creepy? Great PR? Tell us in the comments below.

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