Hey, FedEx, Why Are You Still Supporting the NRA? (Updated)

Hey, FedEx, Why Are You Still Supporting the NRA? (Updated)

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Yesterday, we reported on a number of companies who supported the NRA by offering its members incentives. Many of those companies have since cut ties with the NRA. (Though we have to wonder why they were with them in the first place. After all, the NRA being absolutely terrible is nothing new.) Still, we’ve got to give them credit for doing the right thing … eventually. However, one company (and probably the biggest company on the list to begin with) has yet to release any statement on the matter at all. That company is FedEx.

NRA Business Alliance members can mail their packages for up to 26% off. (Some companies have even stopped sending out their orders with FedEx over this connection.)

David Hogg, one of the fearless survivors from the Parkland shooting who is leading this energized  gun control movement, tweeted: “Hey @FedEx why do you support the NRA?”

Many celebrities piled on by retweeting, including out comedian Wanda Sykes who added, “Hi @FedEx…this young man asked you a question.”

Debra Messing tweeted: “Things are shifting FAST. @FedEx this isn’t going away. Is 2% of the population worth a hemorrhaging of your business? #BoycottTheNRA #1Trending

Alyssa Milano wrote: “We’re asking you to please sever your ties to the #NRA. Their stronghold on our political system is a threat to our democracy and the safety of the American people.”

Other companies still in bed with the NRA include Hotel Planner, Life Line Screening, Starkey Hearing Technologies, Vinesse Wines, eHealth, The Medical Concierge, Manageurid Identity Protection, Life Insurance Central, and Lockton. None of these companies are as big as FedEx.

However, Hertz, Avis, Budget, First National Bank, MetLife, are just a few of the big companies to cut their relationship with the gun lobbying organization.

So to echo David Hogg, we ask: “Hey FedEx: Why do you support the NRA?”

If you want an answer to that question, you can email FedEx CEO Fredrick W. Smith at FWSmith@fedex.com; FedEx President and COO David Bronczek at djbronczek@fedex.com and Executive VP and CFO Alan Graf at abgraf@fedex.com.

Update Feb. 26: FedEx issued a response saying they will not cut ties with the NRA. In a tweet posted Monday, they said they wouldn’t change any rates based on politics:

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