This Gay Mexican Artist Makes the Coolest 4th of July Art You’ve Ever Seen

This Gay Mexican Artist Makes the Coolest 4th of July Art You’ve Ever Seen

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Happy Fourth of July, everyone! While today commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence declaring America’s revolt against the British, it’s important to remember that loving whoever you want is a revolutionary act too — a sentiment well illustrated by Mexican artist Felix d’Eon‘s latest work, Revolutionary Love.

In the piece, two soldiers share a tender moment amid the stars, stripes, and fireworks of victory. Like d’Eon’s other work, his drawing mixes nostalgia with a queer twist — and we definitely know that gay soldiers actually existed during the Revolutionary War!

So enjoy the art along with our fantastic party playlist, some pool time, fireworks, and maybe a weenie roast or clam bake. No matter how you’re celebrating,  take some time to exercise your independence and make some noise like the fireworks y’all are! Cheers!

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Previously published July 4, 2015.

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