The ‘Fellas, Is It Gay’ Meme Is Gloriously Shattering Oh-So-Fragile Masculinity

The ‘Fellas, Is It Gay’ Meme Is Gloriously Shattering Oh-So-Fragile Masculinity

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Twitter is a weird place. Over the past week, ‘Fellas is it gay…’ has been trending and the results are just as stupidly hilarious as one would think. From abstract theories on breathing in another man’s air to sucking on meaty wieners, also known as hot dogs, men are just dying to know what makes them gay how to become gayer.

Some people just got very, very gay, in the literal sense.

Someone figured out our Gay Mafia secret of turning ‘straights’ gay with phallic-shaped foods.

I mean, it’s penis-shaped with big, meaty balls. Of course, it’s gay.

Some guys kept it in-line with current topics.

And some dude got rather meta.

“Every breath you take, I’ll be watching you” was actually an early gay chant, before Sting stole it from us.

Breathing is actually the gayest. Most queer men don’t even kiss, we just open our mouths and exhale deeply into another man’s mouth. It’s super hot.

I mean, the original Gay Pride was April 15th a.k.a. Tax Day, but we were too busy having orgies to get any filing done.

Get on your knees, and wait for Christ to come.

And you usually have those pics of hot dudes pressed against your ass, in your back pocket.

What we in the LGBTQ community like to refer to, as the gay devil’s threeway.


Clouds are made from rainbows and evaporated lube, so not even 100 “no homos” could keep you straight.

100% GAY, YES.

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