Watch a Feminist Activist Grab Trump by the Balls (NSFW)

Watch a Feminist Activist Grab Trump by the Balls (NSFW)

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Pussy does grab back!

Donald Trump says he can grab pussies, but what about his nuts? Are we allowed to grab those?

Well, one feminist activist did just that. OK … it wasn’t actually Trump. But it was a figure of him being unveiled at a wax museum in Madrid.

The woman was from the feminist group FEMEN, which has a long history of disruptive naked protests.

Back in August, two FEMEN activists were arrested and deported from Morocco staging a topless protest outside the trial where two men were convicted of homosexuality.

And then in November, a FEMEN USA member carried out another topless protest at a Donald Trump’s polling station.

In Madrid, the women had “grab back” and “grab patriarchy by the balls” written on their bodies.

So where do we sign up to become part of FEMEN?

We have have some important questions for the activist who ‘grabbed Trump back.’ How low do his balls hang? Are they hairy? If they are hairy, is the hair also orangutan orange like this head? Hopefully we’ll never know the answers to these questions. The closest we ever want to actually get to his grapes are this moment right now. Unless that sex tape leaks (no pun intended).

Watch the ball-grabbing video below:

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